Happy Birthday to us!

by Abington Park Vets on July 30, 2015 Comments Off on Happy Birthday to us!

Did you know that Abington Park Vets is celebrating it’s 30th Birthday this year? In 1985 two young vets Nigel Anthony and John Prior joined forces and set up a practice at 427 Wellingborough Road opposite the Abington Park. 30 years on we have over 70 staff and 3 surgeries offering a huge range of services to the pet owning public of Northampton – from a nail clip to a hip replacement and everything in between! We would love you all to share your memories of the practice over the years so please post your photos or comments on our wall. This photo shows just some of our staff who work in our Abington, Moulton and Acorn surgeries- (we do allow people to have days off and holidays!)

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Abington Park VetsHappy Birthday to us!

De-Stress Your Pet!

by Abington Park Vets on July 21, 2015 Comments Off on De-Stress Your Pet!

Did you know that pets can suffer from stress just like we do? See our FAQs below for more information.

What causes stress in pets?

Firework season, moving house, being left “home alone” for long periods, going into kennels or catteries, travelling in the car, a new baby or new pet arriving in the house- are all examples of things that can cause stress in pets.

What happens when a pet is stressed?

Behaviour  changes such as hiding away, becoming destructive or going off their food are some common reactions to stress in pets.

How can I help my pet?

Make an appointment for one of our FREE De-Stress clinics – where one of our nurses can advise you on methods to combat stress in your pet.

Are there any drugs or other products that can help? 

We try to avoid sedatives for stress in pets unless these are absolutely necessary and only advise these for short term use.

There is a range of naturally derived products that we can advise on and until 31st of September we are running some special purchase offers on these. Please ask our staff for more details.

Our nurses can advise whether these are suitable to use on your pet during the De-Stress Clinic.

Phone 01604  644171/628685 to make an appointment for one of our De-Stress Clinics

This offer ends on 31st September 2015

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Abington Park VetsDe-Stress Your Pet!