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Acupuncture is the insertion of very fine solid needles in to specific areas of the body that either stimulate the nervous system or try to reduce pain and muscle tension in the problem area. This is usually not painful, non-traumatic to the tissues and some patients can become relaxed and sleepy during treatment. Western Veterinary Acupuncture is derived from the traditional Chinese practice but with a modern medical emphasis.

The most common use if for painful conditions such as arthritis but it can also be used to help with rehabilitation, wound healing and some functional disorders of the bladder or gut.

Acupuncture can be used in conjunction with or sometimes as an alternative to conventional medicine if an animal can’t take normal medicines. However, just like any other treatment, acupuncture should only be used after a diagnosis has been made and all treatment options considered.

Therapy is normally started with an initial 4 week course of weekly sessions to assess how the patient responds – 80% should show some degree of improvement. For shorter term conditions, rehabilitation and wounds a single course may be enough to get the desired response. Chronic conditions like arthritis and back problems may require ongoing treatment where we aim to reduce the frequency of visits as the patient improves.

The first appointment is £80 and will be 30 minutes long to allow for discussion, examination and therapy. Repeat appointments are £45 and 15 minutes long.