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Consultations are by appointment only and run seven days a week at our Abington surgery and five days a week at our Moulton and Acorn surgeries. If your pet is ill we will always see you on the same day, and we prioritise emergency cases.

The Consultation

The vet will take a clinical history- this means listening to the story of why you brought your pet to the practice.The vet will then give your pet a physical examination. Depending on the vet’s findings in the examination they may either prescribe treatments or may suggest that further tests need to be done before treatment can be prescribed.

Abington Vets - Consultation

The Treatment Plan

Our vets’ aim is to listen carefully  to your concerns, to discuss fully what may be needed to diagnose and treat your pet’s condition and to support you in all the decisions you need to make for your pet. We value a personal approach and continuity of care for our patients, so we will always try and arrange follow-up consultations with the same vet wherever possible to see your pet through a particular problem.

Abington Vets - Consultation

Further Treatment

If your pet’s illness is more complex our first opinion vets can refer you within the practice to our referral clinicians, who have additional veterinary qualifications and can offer a comprehensive range of advanced investigations and treatments in advanced imaging, internal medicine, oncology, orthopaedic surgery and soft tissue surgery.

Visit for more details of our referral services.

Abington Vets - Consultation