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We always promote good oral hygiene in pets and we are well equipped for pet dentistry with all the latest dental equipment including dental x-ray machines.

Could you tell if your dog had toothache?

Would you know if your cat had gum disease?

If the answer to these questions is NO see our FAQs below.

How can I tell if my pet has dental disease?
Does your pet’s breath smell? Does he prefer soft food? Does he have difficulty eating and sometimes drop food out of his mouth? Does he drool a lot? Is he off his food?

If the answer to any of these questions is YES- then he could be suffering from dental disease.

Why does it matter if my pet has dental disease?
Bad teeth are not just smelly and unpleasant-severe untreated dental disease can lead to pain, severe gum infections, loss of teeth, kidney disease and heart disease.

With modern pet dentistry techniques even the most dental problems can be treated.

Abington Park Vets Practice
Rabbit dental procedure

How can I help?
Make an appointment for a dental checkup with one of our vets to see if there is already dental disease that needs treatment.

What can the vet do?
If your pet has minor gum disease only, starting a regular toothbrushing regime and use of dental chews may help prevent further problems.

Is anything else needed?
If there are already severe dental problems and gum disease a thorough examination under general anaesthetic, removal of any teeth that cannot be saved and a scale and polish are the first steps.

If there are any doubts about the roots of the teeth we also recommend dental x-rays.

Abington Park Vets Practice
Setting up dental x-ray

Why do you recommend dental x-rays?
The roots of pets’ teeth are large so a large portion of a pet’s tooth is hidden under the gumline. Pets can have tooth decay, broken teeth or infected tooth roots yet the tooth above the gumline can still appear healthy. Taking dental x-rays means we are more likely to find all diseased teeth and remove them if necessary.

After a dental procedure what happens next?
We recommend regular toothbrushing, dental chews and regular dental checks with a  vet or nurse.

Do you treat rabbits and chinchillas with tooth problems?
We provide dentistry for rabbits and chinchillas who can also have dental problems

Abington Park Vets Practice Dental xray
Dental x-ray