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Our in house laboratory run by our dedicated Laboratory Manager Alice Howard BSc is one of the most advanced in any private veterinary practice in the UK. We have access to a vast range of specialised tests with our state of the art equipment- meaning that if we reach an accurate diagnosis quickly then treatment can start sooner.
For more details of the tests we can provide see below.

Blood analysis

Including haematology, biochemistry, blood gases and blood clotting assessment. We can run in-house blood gases, ammonia and advanced tests such as thromboelastographs, full coagulation tests and platelet aggregation tests

Urine analysis

For checking pH, concentration and presence or absence of other products such as sugar (in diabetes) or protein.
Microscopy including cytology (cell identification), as well as routine skin (for parasites, fungal spores, etc) and urine examination (for abnormal crystals,cells or bacteria)


For tissue identification and assessment and other more complex tests. Samples for these tests need to be sent to specialist external laboratories. These can be sent by courier to speed up the process and results reported  to us by email – however it can often take several days or even longer to receive some external laboratory results.