Puppy Parties

Our puppy parties are FREE and open to Abington Park Vets clients’ for puppies between 8 and 13 weeks of age who have had their first vaccination. They take place once a month at our Moulton surgery at 7pm on Tuesday or Thursday evenings. To see what happens at the parties see our FAQs below.

How do I book?
Just phone us or ask a member of staff at any of our surgeries for more details.

Do I need to bring anything with me?
Yes, a collar and lead for your puppy and a few food treats or a favourite toy to reward good behaviour during training sessions.

How many puppies will be there?
We try to have a maximum of 8 puppies per session but as the parties are so popular we sometimes have to squeeze in another couple or move some to the next session.

What happens at the parties?
Socialisation- this is very important for young puppies, it is vital for them to meet lots of new people as early as possible, so they will be less likely to develop fear related behaviour problems as they grow older.

At the party we use a game called “pass the puppy”, where they are passed around to the other puppy owners to be handled -this gets them used to being handled by strangers who will look at their eyes, ears, teeth feet and so on as they are passed round. This also helps prepare them for visits to the vet!

Basic Training

We start getting the puppies used to basic training and commands such as sit, stand, lie down, and some very important recall training.

Play time 

Then it’s play time, when the puppies are introduced to each other and have time to let off steam.There will be lots of time to ask any questions, so please feel free to ask one of our veterinary nurses running the sessions for any advice about puppy health or training.

pups at a puppy party

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