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Useful Links
Animal Behaviourist Steph Hedges
APBC accredited dog and puppy behaviour and training specialist (behaviourist) covering Northampton, Daventry, Rugby, Kettering and Milton Keynes . Our recommended pet behaviour specialist.
RSPCA – the oldest and largest animal welfare charity in the world running rehoming centres and veterinary hospitals and dealing with cases of cruelty to animals.
Dogs Trust
Formerly known as the National Canine Defence League (NCDL) and is the largest dog welfare charity in the UK. The website has an informative A to Z on canine heath issues
The Kennel Club
A comprehensive source of information on all breeds of dog.
British Veterinary Association (BVA)
Canine Health Schemes – details on testing for specific inherited diseases: hip dysplasia (Hip Scheme), elbow dysplasia (Elbow Scheme) and hereditary eye diseases (Eye Scheme).
PAT Dogs & Cats
Specially selected dogs and cats that are used to provide therapeutic visits for patients in hospital, care homes, etc.
Dogs for the Disabled
Specially trained dogs that provide support for people with physical disability and autism.
Guide Dogs for the Blind
Providing mobility and freedom to blind and partially sighted people for over 75 years.
The Cinnamon Trust
The national charity for the elderly and their pets.
Cats Protection League (CPL)
Feline welfare society for over 80 years promoting responsible cat ownership. Includes a section called ‘Cats for Kids’, as well as on re-homing of unwanted and abandoned cats.
British Rabbit Council A wealth of information on all aspects of keeping rabbits.
British Chelonia Group
Includes care sheets for tortoises and turtles, and a ‘veterinary corner’.
The Parrot Society (UK)
Lots of useful advice on many parrot species.
National Office of Animal Health (NOAH)
Pet Health Information on a wide variety of animals including guinea pigs, hamsters, ferrets, degus, rats, chinchillas, mice, birds and fish.