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Abington Park Vets - Home Visits

Home Visits

We are able to offer home visits as part of our service subject to availability. Our fully equipped pet ambulance is used for these visits.
Saying goodbye to your beloved pet is stressful for any pet owner but if you are considering euthanasia and are concerned about taking your pet to the practice for this to be done, then please don’t worry as this can be done at your home during a home visit. Please contact us for more details.

We can also offer a collect and deliver service should your pet need treatment in the surgery and you are unable to transport them to the surgery yourself.

It is important to recognise that we may not be able to do as much for your pet at home as we can at the surgery, because we are not able to bring all our equipment into your home. Some patients may also be less co-operative in their home environment as they may feel we are encroaching on their territory.

Home visits ideally should be booked in advance but can be  booked on the same day or out of normal hours in urgent or emergency cases.

Please contact us on 01604 628685 for more information.