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Puppy Parties

Our Puppy Parties are FREE and open to Clients of Abington Park Vets for puppies between 8 and 13 weeks of age who have had their first vaccination. The puppies can attend two parties two weeks apart at our Moulton surgery at 7pm on Thursday evenings. To see what happens at the parties see our FAQs below.

How do I book?
Phone us or ask a member of staff at any of our surgeries to be added to next month’s party invite list. Please call once received to confirm attendance.

Do I need to bring anything with me?
Yes, a collar and non-retractable lead for your puppy and a few food treats or a favourite toy to reward good behaviour during the party.

How many puppies will be there?
We try to have a maximum of 8 puppies per session with two people per puppy limit.
Either 2 Adults or 1 Adult with 1 Child

What happens at the parties?

1st Party

Basic Puppy Owner Responsibilities- Welcoming a puppy into your life can be a wonderful but sometimes overwhelming first few weeks, we can help you make sure you don’t miss any of the basics.

Socialisation- this is very important for young puppies, it is vital for them to meet lots of new people as early as possible, so they will be less likely to develop fear related behaviour problems as they grow older.

Future visits to the Vets – To encourage owners to detect common health issues earlier, we teach them a relaxing detection massage, this also gets the puppies more comfortable with a Vet or Veterinary Nurse doing the same assessment on their visits.

We also encourage the puppies to use the weighing scales so it’s not the monster in the corner at their future weigh ins.

Basic Training- We start getting the puppies into basic training and commands such as SIT and some very important recall training.

Q&A with Owners and you will be given some very informative handouts.

Abington Park Vets Practice - Puppy Party

2nd party

Discussion of common health issues depending on breeds attending

Briefly discuss benefits of Neutering

Fun Games – We play a great game called ‘Musical Pups!’ We play music and once the music has stopped the last puppy to SIT on command is out! We give a prize to the Winner!

Foamy Assault Course – We also have the puppies get used to walking on new and odd surfaces

Recall Race with a prize for a Winner!

Q&A with Owners and Certificate Handout + Free Party Bag

What do I receive from the parties?

1st Week – Handouts to help with Manners, Socialisation, Toilet Training, Play Biting, list of Northamptonshire Dog Trainers

2nd Week – Party bag including a 10% off voucher, Prizes for the winners of the game & race and a certificate & treat for your puppy

Abington Park Vets Practice

Christmas Reunion!

In the month of December, we host two reunion parties for our grown-up puppies who attended our parties through the year!

They are great fun, we have a fancy dress competition, Naughty & Nice Game for the Owners and our notorious Musical Pups game.

We offer festive refreshments and homemade doggy biscuits.

Abington Park Vets Practice - Puppy Party