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Tor’s story – angular limb deformity

Tor had an accident when she was five months old and suffered a minimally displaced fracture to her leg that healed with conservative management; however trauma in the growing patient can unfortunately disrupt the growth plates (zones of cartilage) at the top and bottom of every bone in the body. Some of Tor’s growth plates ceased growing early causing a leg deformity. This causes lameness and may lead to arthritis.

Our orthopaedic Surgeon, Jeremy Onyett, performed correctional surgery to straighten the alignment of Tor’s deformed and short leg. Use of dynamic motors allows bone lengthening (osteogenic distraction pioneered by Ilazorov).  Correction of limb length and alignment achieved to restore as much function as possible. Tor wore the external frame on her leg for 6 weeks, after which it was removed.

She is now back to normal puppy mischief.
Photo before and after surgery